Harmonie Pastorale


This perfumed composition draws inspiration from the harmony of notes that can be felt in Beethoven’s symphony no.6, nicknamed ‘Pastoral’, much loved by Lucien Ferrero. He has chosen to use his expertise to give a voice to Nature and its elements as if they were notes of the score or as if they were musical instruments directed by a conductor on the podium. The olfactive traduction of this musical masterpiece opens with intense notes of Lentisque essential oils, Lavender and sour Mandarin that unite in the heart of the composition from freshness of the green notes and Peppermint, from Clary Sage, Thyme and white Jasmine. On the bottom we find other than the green and vegetable notes, even woody notes: so that the Lentisque absolute embraces Patchouli essential oils, Java Vetiver and Teak wood, joining in an ethereal joyous and iridescent dance.

Eau de Parfum 100 ml

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Lentisque e.o., Lavender e.o., sour Mandarin e.o.

Peppermint e.o., Clary sage e.o., Thyme e.o., white Jasmine

Java Vetiver e.o., Lentisque abs., Patchouli e.o., Teak Wood


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