Lucien Ferrero
Maitre parfumeur

After devoting his whole life to the Perfumery Art, the Master Perfumer Lucien Ferrero is launching his own brand, born from his experience of the Belle Parfumerie and from his great passion and devotion for this job.

Par Amour pour Elle, Par Amour pour Lui, Seringa Blanc, Sakura Imperial and Harmonie Pastorale are his way to express meantime strongness and gentleness: these fragrances are hymns to love and renewal, intended as forces that move the universe.

Fragrances which, through the finest perfume raw materials, draw his dream of creating in complete freedom.

Lucien Ferrero was born in Grasse in French Provence. After perfumery studies in Geneva, he develops his creative work in Paris before joining Expressions Parfumees in Grasse. He is passionate about natural scents and shares his love for French Provence land, source of emotions and olfactive memories…

Lucien Ferrero Maître Parfumeur fragrances come to light from this vivid palette of colours.